Low Vision Treatment

Low vision is a subspecialty within Optometry and Ophthalmology that deals with individuals who have reduced vision that is not correctable with conventional glasses or contacts. The goal of a low vision specialist is to maximize the functional level of a patient's vision by optical or non-optical means, and hopefully improve their independence. The reduced vision is a result of either a congenital or an acquired disease resulting in a visual impairment. This visual impairment interferes with a person’s daily living skills and could ultimately interfere with their independence.

Low vision treatment involves a multi disciplinary team that includes an ophthalmologist for the surgical or medical intervention, an optometrist for the design and fitting of low vision aids, and a rehabilitation specialist, typically associated with an agency for the blind. Low vision aids consist of magnifiers, spectacle microscopes, telescopes, tele-microscopes and electronic aids. It is very important that anyone with reduced functional vision be evaluated by a low vision specialist before starting any rehabilitation.








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